No eye, no light. / by NOEYEDEAR


Shine the light.

I'll be running through the valley of death. Seems like I've been in a similar path, again and again, reviewing my past all over again.

Going up and down, back and forth in this labyrinth through the span of my life with no plan, bends after bends, still there's no end.

No eyes.

Seems like I've been blinded by truth. I meditate and fabricate words to penetrate out from this vocal booth. Follow wherever the river may flow, the wind might blow, the crowd would go, physically grow, mentally know, realising that it's all a show.


I couldn't figure myself out.

Picture what I am about.

The mirror that mirrored me, only reflects the outer imagery. Concealing my inner peace. Like having a thousand killer bees swarming in me, like I am my enemy.

Swim in the sympathy. Singing the symphony syncing the synergy. Forsaken my inner G, awaken my inner chi.

It's a battle within that I never could win.

Say a prayer, but I'm prey to the sin. Refusing the fact that I'm stuck in between.

Diffuse in the air, and be gone with the wind.